Anthony Malcom Is BACK!

If you haven't already heard, former Jr Bellie is back in red, blue, and white this season. Anthony Malcom, former NLL Buffalo Bandit, stared as a Jr Bellie as an explosive offensive player. He's recorded big numbers, averaging at 2.5 points per game, and rising. He'll be a crucial part of the Sr Bellies offence as he consistently contributes in plays, and has added an exceptional dynamic to all his former teams. 

We are thrilled to be welcoming Anthony back to the Bellies team, and can't wait to watch him work his magic in the QPA this Thursday as your Salmonbellies take on the Langley Thunder.  


Don't forget, this Thursday, June 16th, is SAVE-ON-FOODS GIVEAWAY NIGHT! Opening face off drops at 7:45pm. Can't wait to see you there - and together lets #PaintItRed