June 9 Vs Maple Ridge Burrards


Tic-Tac-Toe was the theme of tonight's game. Each team carried the lead multiple times, answering back quickly once they fell behind. The first few minutes saw nothing but a one goal separation, until Dane Sorensen scores his second goal of the game giving the Bellies their first two goal lead with 4-2. Burrards will score once more, closing the first 20 minutes at 4-3 in favour of the Bellies. 

New West opens the second period with a goal by Brett Dobray, regaining their two goal lead. Bellies repeatedly find the back of the Burrards net, getting the score to 7-4 before the Burrards start to come back. Maple Ridge creeps up with two more goals before Logan Schuss scores a hat trick making it an 8-6 game for New West. Each team scores once more before Mike Messenger scores his very first WLA goal, ending the second period 10-7 Bellies.

25 seconds into the third, and Sorensen scores with a hat trick, and with what would be the Bellies last goal of the third. Maple Ridge comes out with four more goals, tying New West at 11 a piece and forcing 10 minutes of continuous overtime.

Overtime begins, and at four minutes in, Burrards score and will lead overtime 12-11. Fast forward to 0.9 seconds left in OT and Logan Schuss scores tying it back up at 12, and ending the game.


Bellies - 12 with 55 shots
Burrards - 12 with 49 shots


Justin Goodwin
Dane Sorensen x3
Quinn MacKay
Brett Dobray
Logan Schuss x4
Brandon Goodwin
Mike Messenger


1st - Dane Sorensen
2nd - Logan Schuss
3rd - Mike Mallory



REMINDER: Our next game is Thursday June 16 at QPA! Face off is at 7:45pm against the Langley Thunder. See you there, and together let's Paint It Red!