Q&A With Salmonbellies Head Coach Steve Goodwin

Salmonbellies.com had the opportunity to sit down with Salmonbellies head coach Steve Goodwin on the upcoming season, WLA draft and lacrosse in the Royal City.

Salmonbellies: Your heading into your third season as head coach of the bellies,  are you pleased with where the team’s progress so far?

SG: Yes, We are extremely happy with the direction the team is going.  We made a decision after our first season that we needed to increase our team speed and add youth to the lineup.  We have also been lucky enough to have a very strong player leadership group that has helped transition the young players from JR to SR lacrosse. 

Salmonbellies: Were less than two weeks away for the 2015 WLA entry draft, thoughts on the direction you might go to fill some holes?

SG: We have picks #4, #6 and #11 in this years entry draft and I feel that we will be able to pick up 3 players that will be big contributors to the Bellies this season. A WLA team needs depth in their lineup because the WLA season can be a grind and injuries do happen. I want to believe that any player that I put on the floor will be able to make a positive contribution to the team! 

Salmonbellies: Who of all the players last year stepped up and surprised you on and off the floor?

SG: We had quite a few players step up for our team last season. Maybe the most noticeable  was Brendan Ranford. Brendan finished his hockey commitments in mid June and joined us as we were struggling with a 2-7 record but we then went on to a 7-2 record the rest of the season and went on to the playoffs! His hustle style of play was contagious to the rest of the players. 

Salmonbellies: Any coaches you had as a player that now are an inspiration to your style of coaching?

SG: I have been very lucky growing up in New Westminster to have had great coaching throughout my lacrosse career. Bob Salt and Jack Fulton Jr  are the two coaches that have been most instrumental to me playing and continuing on coaching lacrosse and I still bounce ideas off them. They are both strong believers in the transition game! 

Salmonbellies: Who was your lacrosse idol growing up?

SG: Wayne Goss...Again, Growing up in New Westminster in the 70's, I was lucky enough to see some fantastic players on the old wood floor but Wayne was always one of the players that you watched and wanted to play like. 

Thanks Steve and all best in the 2015 WLA season.